Kickboxing is a combat sport which is not only practiced for self-defense but it also plays an integral role in maintaining health and fitness. This sport is an amalgamation of Karate and Boxing as it combines the martial art kicks of Karate with the punches of boxing. This sport is currently played by about 106 Countries across the globe.
Kickboxing Association of Jammu and Kashmir (KAJK) came into existence in 2012. It is one of the elite platforms which advocates self-defense in women and helps in the welfare of the society.


Kickboxing has become a popular game throughout the world with different styles and is said to have its roots in Thai Martial Art and Muay Thai. It originated in the 1960s in Japan and gained practitioners in America during the next ten years. By 1974, its popularity in the United States was symbolized with the first World Championship being held by the Professional Karate Association. By the 1990s, with the addition of more ground fighting techniques adapted from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it contributed to the development of Mixed Martial Arts.
In India, Kickboxing became popular with the coming of Indian Association of Kickboxing Organizations (IAKO) which is a government-registered body under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It was first headquartered at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, in 1993 and it represented WAKO in India as its national federation and under WAKO rules conducted the first national kickboxing championship in 1994 at Cuttack, Odisha.

This game brings several benefits which include:

  • It tones every muscle and bone in your body
  • It helps in the better coordination of your mind and body making it set for offense and defense.
  • It provides an aerobic workout that burns calories and can help you lose weight.

Here are some useful tips for players who are starting their journey in this sport:

  •  Ease into kickboxing slowly to reduce your risk of injury.

  • Consider your goals (for example, fitness, weight loss, or competition) when choosing a kickboxing
  • Make sure that you remain hydrated throughout and have a healthy meal beforehand.